Do You See What I See?

I have recently become “a man of a certain age.” With that dubious distinction comes things like “procedures” and other wonderful door prizes. Yet I must admit, the body ain’t what it used to be. Neither are the eyes. I confess that I now have to find that certain sweet spot when reading. Not too close, and not too far away. I’m that guy now….the one who keeps adjusting distance before he reads. Never thought I would be that guy.

The Apostle Peter had his vision checked once. The Lord showed him in a dream a sheet that was descending from the heavens, containing various kinds of animals. He was told to kill and eat, presumably of those creatures he had in seen in the vision. His response would be normal for a man of Jewish descent. Never, he firmly answers. This would defile me. Peter then receives an answer that will change the world. “What God has made clean, do not call common.” Translation: the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is not only for the Jew, but for the Gentile as well.

This vision came to Peter in the port village of Joppa. Where I now stand.

It is surreal to even write these words from this location. How wonderfully poetic to stand in the city that God called the Gospel into other parts of the world. I am one such recipient of world changing trance that the Lord brought the Apostle under to readjust his spiritual eyesight.

So I wonder if I need to have my spiritual eyes checked too. Is there anyone that I believe is outside the redemptive scope of God’s life-changing love and transforming power? Are there people I consider common, whom God has called clean?

Paul makes such a statement in his second letter to the Corinthian church.” From now on, we regard no one from the flesh.” Meaning, we now see differently. Jesus came to bring the hope, of hope, to the entire world. Not just a select few.  He loved and touched those society had rejected. I want to share the same convictions that Peter and Paul came to hold through divine revelation. No one is outside the reach of our God.

 I want to see what  He sees.

 I want to see how  He sees.

Lord, as I walk the streets of the ancient port of Joppa, you are reminding me of how far the Gospel traveled to reach me. You are reminding me to not call anything common that you have called clean. You are reminding me to see what you see. Help me to do that.