Alone Again

I am a people watcher. I think I have always been that way. Long before my training in psychology, I have been fascinated by the human psyche. Everyone has a story. Everyone is unique. Oh, how I would wish to know what goes on inside each person’s heart and mind.

I am most impacted, perhaps, by those who are alone. Sometimes the girls and I play an imagination game. We speculate, CSI style, what their story is and why they are flying solo. We note everything about them in our silly attempt to figure them out. But we always end up feeling sorry for those who are alone.

They are in restaurants, hospitals and at the beach. People who going through life on their own. Some may say that is their preference. That it is easier that way. I’m not buying it. I see pain, loneliness and despair more than I see satisfaction, contentment and leisure among those who are without companionship. A friend. A fellow traveler. What’s the answer?

The lost art of hospitality. The power of invitation. A genuine love and concern for our fellow man.

So as I pray for our Easter in the Park celebration this weekend, I am committed to extending a genuine offer of invitation to those who need to know someone cares.

Someone notices them.

To give them dignity, as Jesus did for a short tax collector. And I am trusting God for a similar result.