The Power of Invitation

I was at Veterans’ Park this morning. Praying for the services planned this weekend to celebrate the Resurrection of the Lord Jesus. Such a glorious way to start the week! As we prayed, someone shared this intercession:”May we invite people to the celebration as easily and comfortably as we invite them to dinner.”

Yes! I was both encouraged and challenged by the power of invitation! I so often find myself over-thinking the whole invite thing. I tend to defeat myself before I get the words out. They don’t want to go. They have heard it before. Blah blah blah. And within moments, I find myself muted by my own thoughts. That’s just stinkin thinkin…as we like to say in our family!

So I am engaged in invitation! I am renewed in my commitment to extend a warm and sincere invitation to attend our Easter Celebrations. I am reminded of the power of invitation. “How lovely are the feet of them that bring Good News.” I have the privilege to invite people to hear Good News!

And in this day and age, nothing could be better than that.