Who am I?

How do I determine my worth?

When I go to bed, and when I wake up. Throughout the day. My heart is continually affirming me and condemning me. Like patches of clouds and rays of sunshine, my mind is fully capable of shifting on a dime. Am I a good person, or am I a wretch? Am I both?

So often I live off the last endeavor. In my case, my most recent teaching or meeting. It could be a conversation or an activity. If things went well, good on me. If I perceive that it didn’t go so well, I sink into despair. Bottom line: my self worth seems to rise and fall on my sense of personal achievement. My accomplishments, for better or worse, are the determining factor in my own value to the “organization.”

Contrast this to the people of God.

All throughout the Old Testament God reminds the Israelites of who they are and what He has done for them. In short, they are a Chosen People who have been delivered from slavery.

Chosen and Delivered.

What did they contribute to such an incredible identity. Nothing but sin, rebellion and outright disregard for ways of God. Yet, over and over, the Lord reminds them of what He has done, and not of their past. They are to remember Him, and not them!

Flash ahead to the book of Hebrews. Once again, we are overwhelmed by singularly great sacrifice of Jesus. Through His voluntary death on the Cross, we now have access to the throne of grace through the removal of the barrier between God and man. In other words, my status has nothing to do with my accomplishments, achievements and/or accolades. In fact, I contribute nothing but filthy rags.

Who am I? I am a child of God who has been delivered up out of the Land of Slavery. I have been purchased by the Blood of the Lamb, brought back to life by the mercy of God, and had my mind transformed by the power of His Word. I am who I belong to.

Chosen and Delivered. That’s who I am. My identity is hidden in Him. Completely connected to the Cross and an Empty Tomb.

I am Saved.

┬áThe best day can’t add to that truth. The worst day can’t take away from it.