I’m a big fan of breakfast. Particularly a hearty one at a good restaurant with family or friends. I love everything on the menu, generally speaking, and am hereby launching my campaign for the breakfast bowl…where all my favorites are tossed and mixed. Don’t think they have one of those in Tel Aviv.

Now there are those who don’t share my sentiments. I know who you are. You don’t like your bacon near your eggs, and you certainly can’t stomach your eggs touching your pancakes. You’re the folks that ask for extra plates. You drive servers up the wall! Liberate your syrup, and let your taste buds experience something new, I say!

Israelis like their holidays the way I like a great meal in the morning. All together. Our tour guide made a startling observation yesterday. “Everything is attached in Israel.” Unpacking this statement further, we learned that Israelis celebrate their Memorial Day and their Independence Day…on the same day.

That’s like letting the syrup touch the eggs. That doesn’t quite calibrate, even for a masher like me. One day is a time for somber reflection, the other a cause for wild celebration. Not so in Israel. Everything is attached. They can mix their emotions, preferring to commingle rather than to segregate days of sacred observation.

And it dawned on me. Isn’t that how we should approach the Passion Week? Mourning the betrayal, abandonment and suffering of our Messiah. Feeling the 40 lashes, recalling the searing pain of physical and emotional injustice. We are called to remember. More than an opportunity to slide into a holiday weekend, we are given an annual chance to reflect and feel deeply the pain that purchased our freedom.

Our independence from the lingering effects of sin.

Then we can enter into Sunday morning with all the joy, praise and celebration that the day deserves. We have been set free! We have been liberated from our bondage to decay, redeemed by the blood of the Lamb and reconciled to our Creator and Father, who has loved us with an everlasting love! Hallelujah! Our God reigns, and we will live with Him forever!

So may God allow you to experience all He has for you today. Pain may come in the night, but joy comes in the morning. Feel all that the world may bring you today, knowing that you aren’t the first one to do so. Let your food touch, allow joy and sorrow to cross paths.

 We know how the story ends. He is risen.

 He is risen indeed.