Forgotten Fruit

I recently discovered we had tomatoes growing in our backyard. Trouble is, I don’t remember planting them.

I know what you must be thinking. What kind of gardener is he? Does he ever go in his backyard? Who forgets what they planted? Guilty. But I have tomatoes nonetheless!

Turns out that about three years ago, Tessa and I had made one of those Home Depot impulse buys while picking up repair items. Not wanting to dampen her enthusiasm, we faithfully deposited the seeds into the soil with high hopes of an endless supply of salad supplements and pasta Primavera!

After several weeks of waiting for our bounty to burst forth from the ground, we promptly forgot our labor. Any expectations of agricultural euphoria were quickly laid to rest. On to the next thing.

I wonder if this is Zechariah must have felt, to a much larger degree, when the angel Gabriel gave him the good news. God had heard his prayer, and that he and Elizabeth were going to be the proud parents of a special baby boy.

In other words, there were tomatoes in their back yard.

I wonder how times Zechariah and Elizabeth had held hands and prayed. Through the tears and the shame. Month after month, only to be disappointed. Month after month. And when she informed him that she was no longer capable of conceiving, the prayers stopped being prayed. Disappointment turned to despair, and despair ultimately to a slow resignation. God didn’t hear our prayer. On to the next thing.

But God DID hear their prayer. And He hears yours as well. Those faithful cries into the heavens at 2am, those heartfelt intercessions for a friend or loved one, the agonizing hours of travail have reached their destination. God hears us when we call to Him, and they will be realized at their proper time.

So when you have time today, take a look in the backyard. You may have some forgotten fruit growing. That you had forgotten all about. That you don’t even remember planting.

He who promised is faithful. He will do it. Believe.