My name is Chris Cannon.


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  1. Chris, I hope you will continue teaching and encouraging. I personally learned a ton from you and no matter what happened, there is a huge void at KHC without you there to continue teaching what you know. You have a lot of wisdom to offer.

  2. To : Chris Cannon Family, stay strong . Chris you said to us all in church Jesus gave his life for sinners not because we were perfect . None of the God’s children have lived life without sinning except Jesus Christ . We all know only God & Jesus Christ are perfect. Jesus died for all his children and Jesus paid the price for all his children sins . It’s like when you finance a car and you pay it off completely and you decide to give it to your child for college. Your son can call the finance company and state to them he will work very hard to pay them the money for this car and would like to make payment arrangements. The finance company will tell your son the debt has already been paid . Chris Cannon & Family Jesus Christ has paid for all our mistakes. We must hold in our spirits Jesus Christ gave his life for his children’s sins then, now, and in the future.


  3. Hi Chris,
    I don’t know if you are reading this page but I want you to know that you, your wife and your children have been in my heart, on my mind and in my prayers. I pray for restoration of your lives together as children of God our King of Kings, our Lord of Lords, and our mighty healer. My love goes out to all of you and we know that God works all things together for our good because we love him and are called according to his purpose. Stand firm, receive His love, His plan and the love of so many who care about your lives and your happiness. I forgive you as I have been forgiven.

  4. Chris I hooe you read these posts. As one who knows a lot about the bible you might have a tendency to think all of these well meaning people might not know your condition. You might even think yes it is true God forgives but you as a teacher are held to a stricter judgment and these people don’t know what you know …. Or some stuff like that.

    All that type of thinking is your pride messing with ya. These people here are speaking truth. The reality is God loves you, and he took away your sin. So let go of that fearful expectation of judgment because that judgment happened already. The verditc was guilty the payment was death. He died and you with him, and you will be raised with him.

    On that day you will realize I am in my father, and you are in me and I am in you — Jesus

  5. Chris:

    You’ve had a great impact on my life. Have moved out of the area, but always remember your influence on my life.

    In Him,

    Martin Eskijian

  6. Hi Chris, Ann
    Joan and I have been praying for you. Jerimiah 29:11, as you know I have had ups and downs, some self inflected and some by other circumstances. But I hold on the the hope we have in Jesus. I really don’t have any other choice, but it’s also the only real viable option.
    Hang in their
    Love in Christ
    If you want to talk ever call, 559-978-0416.

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