Beautiful Things


That may be the best word to describe the overwhelming sense of awe one experiences when entering into The Land. Even the decor in the airport. God has indeed blessed the people of Israel with an amazing and undeniable ability to reflect our Creator’s creativity!

In our first stop we visited the port city of Jaffa. It’s a fascinating city, with a rich history that connects God’s love to the world. Our guide was unpacking it’s biblical heritage when he made an interesting observation: “Every beautiful structure in the Bible was started by the Jews, and completed by the Gentiles.”

I don’t think I heard another word he said.

Started by the Jews. Finished by the Gentiles. The Temple’s foundation was Jerusalem stone, and completed with cedar from Lebanon. The Gospel goes first to the Jews, then to the Gentiles. The Bride won’t be arrayed in all her glory until all the nations are invited.

The tapestry God is crafting starts in Jerusalem. The one He is finishing will include thread, yarn and cotton from every tribe and language on the face of the earth.  God loves His creation. Every one of us. His love and beauty are on display for all to see, and is still yet to be seen.

We have a part in the completion of the story.

We are both seam and seamstress.

We are both clay and potter.

We are both ink and writer.

What is God making you into? What kind of song? What type of sculpture?

Not to worry! Three I know for sure. It’s beautiful. It will take people’s breath away.

And. He will finish what He has started.

First to the Jew. Then to the Gentile. Until the whole world knows that God makes beautiful things out of us.

To the praise and glory of His Name.



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